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Certification Program

HR and talent management professionals look to develop individuals in the areas of leadership, management, training,  and team building. The certification program is the professional's comprehensive guide to Trompenaars Hampden-Turner research. With this program professionals can access the research and theory behind our work for themselves.

We have a world presence with licensed associates and subsidiary operations in many parts of the world, who specialize in training, coaching, leadership development and consulting in such areas as cultural awareness and competence, diversity, equity and inclusion, servant leadership, sustainability, team effectiveness, financial management, human resources.

Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Consulting encourages personal growth and creating a culture of dialogue and innovation by offering an eLearning platform for those who wish to develop their cultural expertise, from beginners to professionals.

We expand awareness and develop skills of professionals so they can have valuable dialogues in which they integrate their competing viewpoints in order to develop and innovate themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Methodology & Models + Approaches & Applications x Rooting = Certified Professional


Online at your own pace
24 hours study followed by 2 hours webinar


12 months
12 months to obtain your certificate


3 modules + final exam + graduating webinar with Fons Trompenaars = Certified Licensee
142 video lessons + assignments + knowledge tests

Get your Professional certification

THT consulting is a leading center of excellence, focusing on collaboration and performance with a history of over 30 years in training, coaching and consulting to support global businesses. The basis of our work is our evidence-based 7D Culture and Dilemma Reconciliation Process unpinned by the 4Rs model, in which we support professionals and their leaders to use tensions inherent to their work to develop and innovate their organizations.

Stop making compromises, you can do much better and become part of the Trompenaars Hampden-Turner licensee community!

€2500 including VAT where applicable

Why should I enroll?

We provide eLearning on our Seven Dimensions of Culture, Organizational Culture and finally Dilemma Reconciliation methodology underpinned by our model of the 4Rs in a three module eLearning program. The foundation and its application in organizations is supported by our enabling tools and apps.

This certificate program is perfect for individuals, trainers, consultants, project managers and coaches to connect viewpoints, by leveraging diversity for innovation. Individuals who want to make sure their knowledge and skillset are both comprehensive and up to date. By diving into specific cultural issues and exploring the bigger picture, you will become an expert in determining what new approaches to adopt individually and for individuals, teams, organizations to build more engagement, collaboration and creativity, for more innovation.

  1. Building connections on personal level, realization of richness of unique individuals.
  2. Create understanding regarding each other’s basic assumptions, values and styles.
  3. Use a unique approach to capture and frame business dilemmas and use the tensions they generate for positivity through a systematic reconciliation process.
  4. Create leverage for diversity and therefore become more effective: increase companies’ capability to integrate values for competitive advantage.

We work together with certified licensees to collaborate and enhance their deliveries, projects and individual development, to enable a Trompenaars Hampden-Turner licensee network across the globe and the opportunity to learn directly from the founders of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner.

The 3 module program has a minimum 80% pass rate criteria plus a concluding webinar with Fons Trompenaars.

Included in the eLearning programme:

  • ebook of the Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business by Fons Trompenaars & Charles Hampden-Turner
  • Culture for Business app
  • Understanding our enabling and diagnostic tools


  • Become part of a network of licensed partners in a supportive community after completing the three module programme - including a webinar with Fons Trompenaars.
  • World recognized and validated Culture for Business foundations by world renowned guru.
  • Recognizing and respecting Intercultural Differences.
  • Diagnosing culture change.
  • Implementating reconciliations and rooting next steps.
  • One year's free licensee subscription/membership with licensee pricing model for tools.
  • Application and access to THT tools as a licensee.
  • Licensee dashboard and community.
  • Opportunity to learn directly from Fons Trompenaars.
  • Recognized certification and authorisation to use the Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Professional Certification logo.
    • ICF CCE Program approval for 10 hours | Core Competency & 20 hours | Resource Development which includes ICF CCE training formerly called Personal Development, Business Development, or Other Skills and Tools.
    • CPD Certified Program.

Program structure

Module 1: 7 Dimensions of Culture

The 7 Dimensions of Culture can help you to work more effectively with people from different cultures. Business is becoming ever more global, and as a result of this, teams are becoming more diverse. Thus, we are likely to need to work with people from other countries and cultures. Most of the time things will go well when you work with people from other cultures. But when things don’t, and misunderstandings arise, Trompenaars' Cultural Dimensions model can help by supporting your Culture and Business challenges, by making them real with case studies through simplicity. Recognize and Respect.

Licensed to use the Intercultural Awareness Profiler after this module.

In this course you will learn how to:

Introduction to Culture and the 7 Dimensions

Dimension 1: Rules (Universalism) vs Exceptions (Particularism)

Dimension 2: Individual Focus (Individualism) vs Group Focus (Communitarianism)

Dimension 3: Emotions Reserved (Neutral) vs Emotions Expressed (Affective)

Dimension 4: Low Involvement (Specific) vs High Involvement (Diffuse)

Dimension 5: What People Do (Achievement) vs Who People Are (Ascription)

Introduction to the Intercultural Awareness Profiler

Dimension 6: Time Orientation

Dimension 7: Take Control (Internal) vs Go With The Flow (External)

Increase your Ability to Recognize and Respect Cultural Differences

Congratulations on Completion of the Module 7 Dimensions of Culture

Module 2: Organizational Culture

Trompenaars created his 7 Dimensions of Culture with four culture types in organizations.
Culture is the main driver of organizational performance. For a company to be successful, its senior leaders have to create a culture, or an environment, which enables people to perform.

Larry Greiner has shown that organizations go through stages. The process of change is an enriching process by reconciling the often contradicting values of the previous stage. This module will introduce the value dilemmas that need attention, approaches and applications. For example, if the strength is Technology Push, we need to reconcile it with Market Pull, rather than replacing one with the other. Organizations need to become integral - this is the only way to get sustainable results, and this module will support this process.

Towards being licensed to use the following tools in collaboration with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner:

- Organizational Culture Profiler
- Organizational Value Profiler
- M&A Scan
- Culture of Risk Scan
- Sustainability Scan
- Culture of Innovation Scan

In this course you will learn how to:

Welcome to our e-learning module on Organizational Culture

What is Organizational Culture?

Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner model of Organizational Culture

National Culture and Corporate Culture

Towards International and Transnational Management

Organizational Culture in Practice

How to create successful Organizational Cultures

Organizational Culture and Risk

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Organizational Culture, Digitalization and Diagnostics

Congratulations on Completion of the Module Organizational Culture

Module 3: Dilemma Reconciliation

Reconciliation rather than compromise is the essence – by translating values into behaviors.

There are so many changes happening in our current times that are linked to the introduction of ever more powerful digital tools and machines. Our focus is often technical and there is not so much attention devoted to the human and cultural side of digitalization. Diversity of diversity has led to dilemma management: dilemmas are shared amongst all human beings but reconciliation approaches are culturally defined. Reconciliation, rather than choosing one of the two desired states, leads to more sustainable results for the global community.

This module introduces approaches and applications for dilemma reconciliation and discusses any variations between the cultural value norms and the reactions of the business and its rooting. Reconcile and Realise.

Towards being licensed to use the following tools in collaboration with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner:

- Intercultural Competence Profiler
- Dilemma Scan

In this course you will learn about Implementing Reconciliations and Rooting (Realizing) next steps:

Welcome to the Dilemma Reconciliation module

What is Dilemma Reconciliation

Dynamic Process of Solving Dilemmas in Six Steps

Content Application on Case Studies

Resources: Articles and other Resources

Congratulations on Completion of the Module Dilemma Reconciliation

Graduating webinar with Fons Trompenaars

Webinar dates are available each year for participants who have completed successfully all three modules of the Trompenaars Hampden-Turner's eLearning Professional course. The purpose of the 2 hours webinar with Fons is to enable rooting and discussions for further dialogue.

All participants will then be part of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner's licensee community via the licensee dashboard, with its licensee administrator pages for tools and extended resources, as well as the Trompenaars Hampden-Turner's Linkedin licensee group.

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Learning at your own pace

We expand awareness and develop skills of professionals so they can have valuable dialogues in which they integrate their competing viewpoints in order to develop and innovate themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Licensee Dashboard access to THT tools & Resources

Make the business and people aspects of value differences explicit and measurable by using a wide range of well-proven diagnostic tools linked to our world renowned models. Certified licensees will be enabled to log in their personal Licensee Dashboard.  This is specifically for licensee with resources, costings, ability to set up their own tools for their engagements.  

Licensees are our community and we are working to help our network in collaboaration to generate tangible and measurable business leads. 

Personal Growth

Through our approach professionals shape their development through assessment of their knowledge and skills, accessing knowledge resources and building networks that reflect their personal desires to really make a difference. THT consulting encourages personal growth and creating a culture of dialogue and innovation.