Our overall goal is to help people in organizations develop a shared understanding of business issues, irrespective of the diverse value orientations from which they start, and to support organizations in realizing the business potential of value differences by integrating them to a common purpose

Why does culture matter?
How does It connect to business strategy?

It matters a great deal and the connection is essential.  This is because we have found that when the ‘hard side’ of business and strategy clash with culture, culture always wins. It provides the context within which people in organizations interact with each other. Culture is an enabler for successful business relations, but also a minefield for potential conflicts. That’s why engaging your people in this field is so meaningful and beneficial. When people from different cultural backgrounds come together, the rules of operation and ways of working together can no longer be taken for granted.

By helping people understand different points of view, we broaden their perspective and help them capitalize on these differences.

Did you know?

Culture matters because
it connect to business strategy!

The biggest problems occur when organizations see business issues as separate from culture and vice-versa. Every conversation about culture and every initiative to shape culture should always start with the business issue at stake.

We first need to align employees and teams with the corporate strategy and future direction of the organization by asking:

  • What are our key business challenges?
  • What are our must-win battles?
  • What’s the strategy to get there?


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